We are a team of aspiring social entrepreneurs passionate about achieving our mission of significantly transforming the lives of adults on the autism spectrum by providing them with opportunities for meaningful and gainful employment. For the past year, we have been envisioning and incubating this idea and are now ready to bring The Spectrum Works to life!  We have carved out time from our professional lives to meet weekly at the Impact Hub in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, a co-working and networking space for purpose-driven organizations worldwide, to launch this organization.

The idea for The Spectrum Works came out of Herag’s contemplation of how he could leverage his consulting experience and his familiarity with corporate culture to help a marginalized segment of society. Through the experience of trying to understand the medical, social and educational issues their son was facing, Herag and Lisa were exposed to the autism and special needs communities.  This exposure led Herag to make the determination that his consulting background and experience could be very valuable in helping fill a void that seemed to exist with helping adults with autism find meaningful work in corporate America.

Our varied professional backgrounds, commitment to social causes and personal experiences will enable the establishment of a sustainable organization that will have a long-lasting impact to the autism community.  Jessica’s consulting experience and passion for nonprofit work, Lisa’s legal background, nonprofit experience and homeschooling a special needs child, and Herag’s vision make for a dynamic executive team.



President, Founder

Herag is a management consultant with extensive experience in managing complex projects. With a unique ability to articulate complex ideas clearly, he utilizes his skills in various settings: as a professor in academia, as a social entrepreneur in charitable organizations, as a facilitator of mens’ leadership development as well as managing partner at KRE Consulting.


Executive Director, Co-Founder

Jessica is passionate about being a catalyst for positive change in society and organizations.  In her previous role, she was leading an organizational strategy for enterprise change management at a Fortune 500 company.  With experience leading organizational change efforts, Jessica is eager and excited to blend her professional experience with her heart for social good to lead change in organizations’ and society’s perceptions about autism and the special needs community.


Director of Administration, Co-Founder

Lisa is an attorney and a mother who has spent the majority of her adult life raising her children, including home schooling her son with special needs for 5 years through middle school. She has also served in various capacities on school and nonprofit boards. Her passion for social justice, especially in the area of special needs, has immersed her into the autism community where she seeks to leverage her advocacy skills to promote the dignity and competence of children and adults on the autism spectrum by assisting them in finding and maintaining meaningful and gainful employment.


We were fortunate to add interns this summer to help us get The Spectrum Works off the ground


Sophie is a Sophomore at UC Berkeley passionate about social welfare and public health. She is pursuing a double major in Public Health and Molecular Environmental Biology at UC Berkeley and hopes to use her experience as an intern to promote neurodiversity initiatives throughout her career. At UC Berkeley, Sophie also spends her time advocating for sexual violence survivors and prevention as a leader in her sorority, as a part of the Associated Student body and as a peer facilitator.   


Karina graduated from UCLA with a passion for the sciences, majoring in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics. She is currently applying to medical school and her volunteer experience with The Spectrum Works will enable her to explore ways in which she can leverage her degree to help advance the cause of the neurodiverse community.


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