We initiated our Corporate Pilot Program this year to validate our operating model.  We will incorporate best practices and lessons learned from this program in to our organization as we become fully operational.  

Our modest goal of engaging with 3 to 4 corporations and placing a couple of clients have been surpassed.  We are currently engaged with 10 corporations at varying stages and have started developing our client intake process so we can fulfill requests for job candidates from our corporate partners.  

A couple of corporations have identified specific jobs that may be a good fit for adults with autism. While other corporations have invited us to provide clients for on-going internship and entry level positions. We've engaged with our partners and have met multiple clients that may be able to fulfill these positions. We anticipate to have several positions filled in the coming months.


If you know of a corporation or an individual with autism that would like to be part of our Pilot Program, please contact us.


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