The Spectrum Works serves as a strategic partner for corporations helping to support their neurodiversity efforts and change perceptions regarding what it means to have an adult with autism in the corporate workforce. We help to remove negative and incorrect perceptions about autism, and instead, highlight the “hidden” benefits of having a neurodiverse workforce that would otherwise not exist.  


Most importantly, we want to change the conversation. Hiring an autistic adult is not “charity”, but a sound business strategy. These individuals bring unique and important skill sets that contribute to a thriving workplace.


To support corporations ready to embrace and capitalize on the benefits of neurodiversity, we:


  • Promote neurodiversity in business and community organizations to build a network of corporate advocates

  • Consult corporations on the benefits and the imperative need for neurodiversity to fuel innovation and increase competitive advantage

  • Partner with corporations to assess which departments and jobs are opportune for autistic talent

  • Advise corporations on strategic accommodations to help demonstrate the talents of autistic adults during the interview process and to ensure a sustained and optimal workplace environment

  • Provide neurodiversity education for the neurotypical workforce

  • Offer legal and regulatory workplace compliance advice as needed

If you work for a corporation or know one that is ready to embrace neurodiversity, please connect with us.


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