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2670 Lambert Dr
Pasadena, CA 91107



We believe that the narrative about autism needs to change, and we start that change in the workplace.


The Spectrum Works is a bridge to corporations to facilitate open conversations and understanding of autism, and to best match a client’ interests, skills and gifts with jobs that leverage and value their unique talent. Our team provides end-to-end employment support for adults with autism prior to and after job placement.  


To best prepare our clients for integration into corporations, we:


  • Find clients that are ready for employment

  • Use a robust matching process to identify the strengths and talent of adults with autism to best fit jobs

  • Facilitate accommodation requests to corporations through our initial job identification process

  • Provide training and support for job interview preparation and the HR process

  • Facilitate conversations with the corporation about necessary workplace accommodations given the unique needs of the individual.

  • Provide coaching and training around self-advocacy and appropriate workplace behavior

  • Connect clients to partnering organizations who support and empower independent living (housing, transportation, self-sufficiency, etc.)

  • Provide post-employment support to each client to ensure their sustained well-being and success in the workplace